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Christ is alive!

That's the grand message of the resurrection. Yet there is so much more than a simple declaration of Jesus having risen from the grave.

The resurrection is a validation of all that Christ proclaimed. He told his diciples of his impending death as early as three years prior (John 2:19) and made very specific predictions about both his death and resurrection (Mark 10:33-34). It also validated his claims about his person and mission. Had Jesus remained dead nothing else he claimed would have any weight. Yet we must realize that the One who claimed to be God in the flesh proved it by his resurrection. The Scriptures give to us the eyewitness testimony of many who saw the risen Christ (1 Corinthians 15) and we have all the marvelous O.T. passages that predict the manner of Christ's death and sacrifice for our sin. Truly this celebration is about life - not just Christ's life but the life that we may have through Christ.

The resurrection is also a proof and reminder to us that we are alive in him and that the chains of sin have been broken. While we may struggle with sin through our lives we need to know that Christ's death and resurrection have broken sin's power and end over the life of the believer. The good news is not just that we have forgiveness but that we need not suffer under sin as a taskmaster. Christ broke the bands of death and through him the chains that bind us with addictions or anger or lust are also broken. We need not struggle but if we yield to Christ can know the wondrous freedom through the Lord (Romans 6)


The resurrection is proof that the sacrifice of Christ was accepted. In the O.T. the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies with the sacrificial blood and the people knew that the sacrifice of a blameless lamb was accepted and sins atoned when the High Priest came forth. Similarly, Christ's resurrection is proof that our sin has been atoned. Actually better tha that it was propitiated. The wrath of God satisfied with the perfect sacrifice - the blood of the sinless Lamb of God. 


The resurrection means that we have new life, spiritual life in Jesus. The wonderful joy of walking with God andknowing that He loves me is compounded by the reality that I am nevermore alone. Truly the Christian life is abundant (John 10:10). The resurrection is celebrated because through Christ we have forgiveness, new life, and we have been sanctified. Now we are able to live a life of joy and purpose bringing glory to God!

Resuurection is truly a celebration of new life, but not about eggs or bunnies. It's about the living, risen Creator God who loved us enough to come into our world and pay the price of our sin so that we might have life eternal. Now that's worth celebrating!